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We are adept in implementing Electrical and Automation Systems ranging from a small micro PLC to fully redundant systems, along with their field cabling, as well as control & power panels.
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  • Solar Plant Monitoring Solutions

    Solar Power Plant users need a complete and comprehensive monitoring system, which is accessible from a local plant as well as remote stations. They should have access to power generation and export data in real-time, To find out any key issue with field equipment to resolve them effectively, and predict power generation with increased certainty.

    To meet the above need, AEPL offers a well-designed control and data acquisition system to assist power generation. AEPL has proven capabilities to design, manufacture, install, integrate and commission Solar Power Plant Monitoring Systems. Total systems supplied are used at various solar power plants, to monitor > 250MWp.

    During selection of a monitoring system, an optimum architecture is chosen along with the most appropriate system components to ensure high-availability of the system. All the devices supplied are enclosed in an IP54 enclosure, which ensures easy and trouble-free operations, and meets most electrical standards.

Monitored, Displayed & Stored Parameters:
  • String Monitoring Boxes
  • Total voltage

  • PCB current

  • Fuse status of individual string

  • Minimum current alarm

  • Zero current alaram

  • Inverters
  • Active power

  • Reactive power

  • Apperent power

  • Grid current

  • Grid voltage

  • PV voltage

  • PV current

  • PV power

  • Energy generation today

  • Energy generation total

  • Power factor

  • Temperature in/out

  • Error

  • Failure

  • RMUs and Transformer
  • Oil temprature

  • Winding temprature

  • Buchhloz relay status

  • MOG status

  • RMU status

  • Multi-function Meter
  • Apparent power

  • Active power

  • Reactive power

  • Average current

  • VLL

  • VLN

  • Frequency

  • System on demand

  • System max demand

  • Weather Station
  • Solar radiation

  • Temperature in

  • Temperature out

  • Humidity in

  • Humidity out

  • Wind speed

  • Wind direction

  • Barometer pressure

  • Day rain fall

  • Protective Relay
  • Active power

  • Reactive power

  • Current

  • Voltage

  • Frequency

  • The SCADA system used for monitoring, is user-friendly and fully-scalable to meet future requirements. From a central station, a user can navigate through various screens on a PC, to monitor real-time data of power generation, power export, system voltage, current, atmospheric conditions, alarms etc. At the same time, data from power meters, relays, transformers, inverters, AJBs/SMBs, strings is obtained for better operation and maintenance of the installation. Users can also generate customized reports and analyze historical data.