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We are adept in implementing Electrical and Automation Solutions ranging from a small micro PLC to fully redundant systems, along with their field cabling, as well as control & power panels.
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  • Controller Specifications
  • Single Controller for 2 to 6 Pump Booster System

  • Built-in Real Time Clock

  • BMS Connectivity on RS-485 Modbus

  • 3.4” Touch Screen HMI as a Standard

  • Memory to Log up to 100 Alarms

  • DI/DO/AI/AO Status

  • Panel Specifications
  • Universal Enclosure Size for Standard VFDs (For same rating)

  • Single panel encloses VFD, Controller & Required Switchgears

  • Auto/Manual Selection

  • Controller By-pass Facility

  • Manual Start/Stop of each Pump at VFD Failure

  • Faulty VFD Replacement at Running Condition

  • Short-Circuit and Overload Protection

  • Phase Loss Protection

List of Alarms

Communication Fault , Over-Voltage and Under-Voltage , Phase Failure , Pump Trip , High Pressure and Low Pressure , Dry Running , VFD not Ready , Water Shortage , Cavitation (with DP Switch) , Sensor Fault , Pipe Failure , Pressure Built-up Failure , Pump Run-Out , Pump Out-Side Duty Range

  • Controller Features
  • Password Protection

  • No. of Working/Standby Pump Selection

  • User Friendly Screens for Parameter Setting

  • Alternative Set Points up to 7 (4 Daily Set Points , Summer/Winter Set Points)

  • Pump Operation based on Run Hour

  • Built in PID Control

  • Auto Staging/De-staging

  • Selectable Staging/De-staging Speed

  • Display of Individual Pump Run Hours

  • Sleep Function

  • Pump Test Run

  • Fixed Speed Operation at VFD Failure

  • Emergency Run Setting

  • System Shut Down during High/Low Pressure Event

  • Dry Run Protection

  • Sensor Healthiness Check

  • Fault/Alarm History

  • End of Curve Protection (Optional with Flow Transmitter)

  • CE,UL,CSA Certified Controller

  • Panel Features
  • MS Powder Coated Enclosures

  • Protection Class – IP42/IP54 (Optional)

  • Switch-Gear Selection as per Type-2 Co-Ordination

  • Protected Control Supply via Isolation Transformer

  • Relay Protection for Controller Output Signals

  • Fuse Protection for Controller Analogue Signals

  • Single Phase Auxiliary Supply

  • Enough Space for Termination