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We are adept in implementing Electrical and Automation Solutions ranging from a small micro PLC to fully redundant systems, along with their field cabling, as well as control & power panels.
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  • Control Panels & Automation Business

    The core strength behind our best-in-class panels is an intelligent design concept implementation based on more than 13 years' experience. All the panels are optimized to meet the specific requirements of clients. Quality inspection at each stage of manufacturing enables save valuable commissioning time. The panel design is optimized to meet electricians’ requirements and preferences and enable quick and reliable commissioning. Our panels feature a unique, intuitive layout that provides easy access during installation as well as a good overview during subsequent troubleshooting and maintenance. Automation panels come complete with all the necessary PLC equipment including power supplies and network parts. They comply with international standards, offer built-in protection against power spikes and transients and are completely dust-proof.

    Our state-of-the-art, intelligent MCC design integrates tightly with the control system, allowing direct access to strong diagnostics during commissioning; and simplifying troubleshooting down the line. Intelligent MCCs also provide excellent features for Predictive Maintenance. More efficient and cost-effective than preventive maintenance systems, Predictive Maintenance Solutions alert you when parts wear down. This way, you only have to replace or repair when it is actually necessary.

    As AEPL is an independent company that can choose automation hardware as it exactly fit to the client requirements from various manufacturers of electrical equipment. We are strong in handling different kind of equipment and have great experience with various brands. Furthermore we make sure that we have detailed and updated knowledge of the variety of products that are available on the market, their strengths and weaknesses, and the procedure of getting products from different manufacturers to work together. This gives us an opportunity to put together the best solution for our client's application - both technically and financially. With the experience of different types of automation systems ranging from stand-alone micro PLC to full-redundant systems, performance optimization is guaranteed!

    The overall objective of Power and Control Integration is to ensure that the supplied electrical equipment functions properly with the mechanical equipment. That too, in compliance with the actual process, the environment and the desired functions. AEPL ensures that there are no loose ends, by integrating and supplying a complete electrical package. An efficient control engineering enables the shortest commissioning time for greenfield projects as well as upgrade and retrofit projects.

    The automation system is designed for easy integration with numerous hardware products such as energy meters, process controllers and MCCs. This allows the user to freely choose the most suitable suppliers for the specific project/upgradation.